Jake Kambo Wins 1st 

As of April, of 2021 Jake Kambo entered into a state wide competition for non-classical vocal. He was blessed with 1st place, performing the song She, by Josh Groban. If you ever catch Jake Kambo live, he throws a joke about the story. So be sure to to see him to catch it! 

Jake Kambo in the MOTIF Magazine 


I am not easily swayed from my intentions or plans, but on a rare occasion even this bloody-minded writer can be put off course by something truly remarkable. Driving through East Greenwich on a bright fall afternoon, a live singing voice floated through the open car window that caused me to cancel my plans, park up and listen. That voice was Jake Kambo, a local crooner who at the tender age of 15, already sounds like the heroes who he emulates. We took a moment between sets to catch up and shine a light on tomorrow’s Chairman of the Board. 


I’ve been in love with music ever since I was little. Always tapping my feet to the music so loudly that I get yelled at. But the music that warms my heart, that’s the standards and jazz. I was inspired when I first heard one of the many standards, “Fly Me to the Moon.” I guess you could say I started flying up to the moon.

  Jake Kambo wins 3rd place in all New England 
As of 2022, Jake won third place all New England. The song Jake performed was called Out there, by Notre Dame and a hunchback. With the help of his vocal coach, he challenged himself. It is a very hard song, especially for baritone. "The two girls who beat him were absolutely incredible. His only hope for next year is to be number one", he says.

Best of Jake Kambo


 I’ve always been told that I have an old soul.  To be a crooner in the era of pop music separates me from the majority music style, which I feel as though gives me my niche to share with the world. I like being different because I can carry this type of music down to a younger generation, and keeping the spirit of the croon alive for years to come. I respect all kinds of music and the talents that perform it, but only this kind of music seeps into my heart and makes me feel life.